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Riem Arcaden, Munich

Germany, Munich, 2003

Living and working in the green belt, just a few stepsfrom nature. Combining economy, ecology and urbanity, working andliving, the area of the Riem Arcaden now also has around 20, 000 m² of officespace for administration, medical and legal practices and…

Schevchenko Park, Kharkov, Ukraine

Kharkow, Ukraine

The set of buildings on Schevchenko Street in Kharkovis divided into three residential towers that are connected to one another by athree-storey plinth. The set ofbuildings has a one-storey parking floor at ground level, two storeys forshops/businesses,…

Schönhauser Allee Arcaden, Berlin

Germany, Berlin

The Schönhauser Allee is one of the traditionalshopping streets in Berlin: Here people strolled, window-shopped and went shopping in the "old" Berlin. This importance is also documented, for example, by the Schönhauser Allee S-Bahn train station, which…

Seestern, Düsseldorf

Germany, Duesseldorf, 2001

The two structures of the hotel and the office buildingat the Seestern in Düsseldorf make a strong impression through their cleargeometry. The transparent, crystalline CUBUS (office) with anedge length of 40 x 40 x 40 metres stands out clearly from the 80…

Sevens, Duesseldorf

Germany, Duesseldorf, 1999

“We provide a good atmosphere” was and is the mottofor an object of this type in the retailing sector on the famous Kö inDüsseldorf. Due to the seven storeys of this structure, there weretough requirements from the very start of the planning with regard…

Shopping mall, Am Anger, Erfurt

Germany, Erfurt, Retail

In September 2000 the ECE opened a new shopping mallin the centre of Erfurt. The “Am Anger” department store, which had already gone into the historyof the town as the “Römischer Kaiser” (“Roman emperor”) department store, nowpresents itself as a…

Spandau Arcaden, Berlin-Spandau

Germany, Berlin/Spandau, 2001

As a mix of retail, service, restaurant, leisure andentertainment units together with offices and a hotel, the Spandau Arcaden canbe adapted to meet any future requirements and constitute the new centre ofattention of this area and its surrounding region.…

Thüringer Park, Erfurt

Germany, Erfurt

In the autumn of 1995 the mfi opened in Erfurt theThüringen Park, a shopping centre of supra-regional importance. The following, to list but a few, are accommodated ona gross sales area of around 45, 000 m²: A KaufMarkt, a self-service store on approx. 8,…

Town hall, Berlin-Schöneberg

Germany, Berlin-Schöneberg

The former plenary chamber of the Berlin Senate in thetown hall of Berlin-Schöneberg was converted into a multi-purpose hall for upto 400 persons in the course of the following complete renovation after the Federal Land government moved into the Rotes…

Wilhelmstraße Berlin-Mitte

Germany, Berlin, 2002

After the construction site had been cleared, anoffice building with around 21, 000 m² of office and also four retail units along the Wilhelmstraße was put up on a piece of land that was only partially built up in the area of the Wilhelmstraße, Leipziger…

Wilmersdorf, Berlin

Germany, Berlin, 2007

A retail centre on the old/new shopping street of theWilmersdorferstrasse was opened by Ivanhoe Cambridge/mfi AG in BerlinCharlottenburg/Wilmersdorf on 26th June 2007. The object is placed like a sales magnet on the cornerof…

Zwickau Arcaden

Germany, Zwickau, Saxony, 2000

This shopping centre in the centre of Zwickau isintegrated into the surrounding structures. There are 60 retail and restaurant units on a total ofthree sales levels. The officesareas above the sales levels close off each of the three adjacent streets. The…

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