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More than five decades of experience in technical building equipment

We equip buildings with technology with which we ensure their functionality. Additionally, we support the design criteria of the architecture and the well-being of its users. Last but not least we establish economic efficiency. Technology is a multidimensional concept from our point of view. In addition to those methods, knowledge of the correct handling, experience, and interconnected thinking shape our work.

In order to reach those goals we believe in encouraging business culture, constant qualification, and networks. We engage ourselves in associations and further training. During project works, we work hand in hand with investors, builders, and planners from the begin on. As consulting and planning engineers, we engage successfully in competitions and work in planning partnerships.

How it started…

The first years of the new federal republic were characteristically times of reconstruction. Only after some time, large quality improvements in many areas of the building sector could be recognised, further high-quality building with increased expectations – also towards the supply and disposal technology – became the guiding principal. With the foundation of the planning office for housing technology through Georg Hetzel (1925-2011), it was the intention to set new standards for the area of building services. In the ends of the 1980s the office for engineering services was known outside of Düsseldorf already. Due to the cooperation with Jo Tor-Westen, the office was broadly set up and flourished. The company existing out of consulting and planning engineers grew consistently and used its good reputation to support and influence important constructing projects.

During the following years, Klaus Schetter and Karsten Miltkau felt connected to the guiding principles of the beginning as well as to modern ideas. The company is in guided by knowledge, teamwork, reliability, flexibility, loyalty, and timeliness from the begin on. This formed HTW to be a desired partner in construction projects of all sizes.

How we are set up today …

The orientation towards those ideals did not change in the last 50 years and continues under the present managing partners Karsten Miltkau and Sven Kamprüwen, and authorised officer Manuela Hillebrand. With three locations and almost 100 employees, we work enthusiastically and follow modern aspects to implement our projects with competence and caution. The pursuit of constant orientation of the current requirements of the sector, is a reason to consequently support young talents without losing sight of our guiding principles.

How we work…

Technology is a multidimensional concept. We equip buildings with technology and by that we are not only ensuring its functionality but also increase its value. We support the architecture by exhausting all ecological and economical design criteria. This results in well-being for the users and economic efficiency. Experience and interconnected thinking shape our work. A supporting business culture, constant qualification and professional training next to established networks determine our efforts. During project works, we work hand in hand with investors, builders, and planners from the begin on. As consulting and planning engineers, we see ourselves in competition with other companies, nevertheless we make use of partnerships among multiple companies, if it is profitable for all parties.


HTW is an innovative engineering company in the area of technical building equipment. Already in the early moments of the company history, we improved the developments for optimisation of implementation and development of technical systems. The model-based operation of project realisation was implemented in the beginning of the 21st century and extended further to a three-dimensional processing and presentation. The extension of competencies in the area of model-based processing of projects towards a BIM-project, is further developed through HTW with software providers.

Every project has varying applications and advantages of the BIM-processing, which makes individual project strategies necessary.

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